Broadlands Fun Day was founded in 2012 by Ian Spiller and the team of Broadlands Residents Association, now known as Broadlands Community Hub.

The Broadlands Fun Day was imagined as an affordable family day out, where you pay just a one off entrance fee and all the rides and attractions inside are free of charge. Over the years our event has grown considerably, but our ethos has remained the same.

Since 2012 we have had numerous volunteers working with us, our longest standing volunteers, Simon Howe, Vivienne James and Tracy Jaques, have been with us from the start. Every single one of our team is instrumental in delivering the success of the event year on year. We welcome new members and their involvement is crucial to the longevity of the event. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch!

From 2017 Laleston Community Council has partnered with the Broadlands Community Hub, helping to fund and deliver the largest event within the area. The Broadlands Fun Day is sponsored by local businesses which pay for approximately £13,500 of the events cost by sponsoring the fun day magazine and Broadlands Hub facebook group. Our event is widely attended by residents from beyond Broadlands it has become a community event for Laleston, Bryntirion, Cefn Glas and beyond.

The proceeds from the fun day are reinvested every year into the following years event, but also in improving the wider community. Over the years the proceeds have paid for life saving defibrillators to be placed in Broadlands, Bryntirion and Laleston, along with upgrading the artwork in the Broadlands subway during 2022.

Last year (2022) our team worked with Friends of Heronsbridge, Bridgend Autism and Inclusability to create the first ever Broadlands Fun Day Quiet Hour which was instrumental in making the fun day something children with additional needs are able to enjoy with their families. In 2023 it grew in popularity and has made the event the most inclusive event in Bridgend.

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